ioni - Boost your customer support productivity with ChatGPT-4 | Product Hunt
ioni - Boost your customer support productivity with ChatGPT-4 | Product Hunt

Boost your customer support productivity with ChatGPT-4

Smart chatbot based on the latest AI technology, that talks like a human, and creates CTA for your customers.

Replying to general and user-specific questions

Our AI chatbot can handle both general inquiries and complex questions. To do this, it utilizes actions upon user requests to retrieve all relevant information about the user, including their support history, account details, and even banking information.

Adding Call to Action when needed

You can set conditions under which requests will be transferred to a human agent, and set a Call to Action - for example, invite the user to visit the office or book a call.

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Connecting with your data in a couple of clicks

Our AI chatbot ioni easily trains with your company data. YOu may upload data to Knowledge Base via HTML, Text or by an individual URL upload option.

Multilingual support

Grow your business without engaging multilingual customer support agents - our chatbot recognises 80+ languages and automatically translates questions and answers.

Average response
Agent productivity
Reduce resolution times
for general questions


Automate customer service and bring its efficiency to a new level

AI Assistant

Get 'ready to send' draft or instruct AI briefly on what you want to say to get an extended answer.

AI Chatbot

Automatically resolve typical customer inquiries with AI, just as human agents do.

AI Search

Search that provides genuine results for any queries.

AI Widget Builder

Create your personalized AI Chatbot Widget in a couple of clicks.

AI Conversation Analytics

Improve CSAT score by analyzing AI conversations with customers.

Chatbot to Human

Transfer your customer from AI chatbot to a human agent whenever needed.

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Streamline your workflow with AI

Immediate responses

Bring your CSAT Scores to a new level,  resolving customer issues in the shortest possible time.


To ensure the quality of using AI generated text, you can always keep a human in the workflow to verify all answers before sending them.


The AI system is constantly learning and self-improving with each interaction. When an agent rejects the draft and provides feedback, the AI algorithm adapts and fine-tunes its search and suggestion capabilities.

Human-level recognition

AI recognizes customer inquiries at a human-level by analyzing the intent and meaning behind them. Accurate interpretation enables the AI system to provide the most pertinent solutions.

Use cases

Learn how ioni can drive your customer support

Replying for general non-specific questions

Standard inquiries now can be answered in a matter of seconds. The quality of responses is even higher than that of human agents, as ioni uses the latest AI technology, and is not susceptible to the influence of human factors.

Replying to user-specific questions

For solving complex questions, this AI tool utilizes actions upon user request to retrieve all relevant information about the user, including their support history, account details, and even banking information.

Replying for RAQs

ioni is capable of answering even difficult questions if the necessary information is available in the documentation or if a ticket with a similar question has been created before. It performs auto-improvement of your AI database and easily finds context-related queries within it.

Smooth newcomers onboarding

Training new customer support agents always takes time, but with automation of many processes, new employees no longer need to memorize a vast amount of information and can be effectively productive from day one.

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“ioni is an exceptional solution for customer support automation!.”

The AI ticket assistant is truly impressive, efficiently resolving  our customer queries

Vitaly Romanchenko
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“The #1 AI assistant”

“I have tried various tools to assist my customer support team, but nothing worked the way it should. However, using ChatGPT for message generation took Ioni to a whole new level!”

Alex Shwarz
COO in