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Get 'ready to send' draft or instruct AI Assistant briefly on what you want to say to get an extended answer

Auto-generate drafts and save time for your team

Using auto-generated drafts for particularly specific queries, you can always ensure the accuracy of the response, while still reaping the benefits of AI. Furthermore, you can guide AI Assistant on how you would like the reply to look: what kind of answer should be, keywords, tone, style, and more. ioni will generate it shortly.

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Multichannel support

Сentralize and oversee all support-related interactions across various channels such as email, chat, social media, and messaging apps.

Multi-language support and auto-translation

No matter what language the customer's inquiry is in, thanks to multilingual support, you can easily create translations into other languages.

Self-learning from existing tickets

AI Assistant is constantly learning on all existing tickets, so its suggestions improve with each new response.

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“ioni is an exceptional solution for customer support automation!.”

The AI ticket assistant is truly impressive, efficiently resolving  our customer queries

Vitaly Romanchenko
CEO in

“The #1 AI assistant”

“I have tried various tools to assist my customer support team, but nothing worked the way it should. However, using ChatGPT for message generation took Ioni to a whole new level!”

Alex Shwarz
COO in

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