Chatbot to Human

Transfer your customer from AI chatbot to a human agent whenever needed

Make your AI Chatbot interact the way you want

Specify when the inquiry should be transferred to an agent: on a specific occasion or by a request from a customer, and decide what happens if your agents are not currently available. Describe your specific functions to ChatGPT models within an API call.

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Cutting-edge Tech

Function calling is the latest OpenAI feature that allows you to describe specific functions to ChatGPT models within an API call. ioni uses it for calling a human agent.

Increasing your CSAT

The chatbot-to-human feature enables a significant CSAT increase as it ensures customer satisfaction in almost every scenario.

Easy to customize

The process of customizing the chatbot-to-human function is incredibly user-friendly, making it easily accessible for even a regular user.

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“ioni is an exceptional solution for customer support automation!.”

The AI ticket assistant is truly impressive, efficiently resolving  our customer queries

Vitaly Romanchenko
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“The #1 AI assistant”

“I have tried various tools to assist my customer support team, but nothing worked the way it should. However, using ChatGPT for message generation took Ioni to a whole new level!”

Alex Shwarz
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