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Empower your customer service with AI to flawlessly recognize your customer's intent

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Use AI-powered Search to navigate through vast amounts of information to deliver the most optimal and accurate answers to your customers. Based on Chat-GPT, AI Search has the ability to apply context and personalize the experience, considering such factors as the customer's history, location, language etc.

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Instant Access to Knowledge

AI search enables quick retrieval of relevant information, saving hours for your customer support agents. It can encompass not only knowledge bases but also each customer's unique context, preferences, and history.

Human-Level Understanding

Customer queries are recognized by AI at a human level, and the system analyzes phrase variations that your customers may use to describe their problems.
As a result, AI Search always provides the most relevant solutions.

Adaptive learning

Ioni is constantly learning on all existing tickets, so its suggestions improve with each new response.

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“ioni is an exceptional solution for customer support automation!.”

The AI ticket assistant is truly impressive, efficiently resolving  our customer queries

Vitaly Romanchenko
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“The #1 AI assistant”

“I have tried various tools to assist my customer support team, but nothing worked the way it should. However, using ChatGPT for message generation took Ioni to a whole new level!”

Alex Shwarz
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